Digital Footprint: Simple Ways To Erase Yourself From The Internet

Digital Footprint
(Last Updated On: August 17, 2022)

Trying to get off the Internet? Wondering how to completely remove all of your digital footprints from everywhere? Well, it’s not just you. In this day of massive data theft and privacy breaches, many have thought about doing the same.

However, it is not impossible to remember everything you have ever done online and delete it. Online reputation can be a burden for certain people, despite the fact that it can excite many people on the one hand.

Your whole online presence, including all of the data, posts, photos, and other items you upload, whether on purpose or not, is your digital footprint. The more information you post online, the more people can discover about you. This could be a problem. Fortunately, deleting your digital footprint just requires a few easy steps, so get started now.

Delete/Deactivate Your Shopping, Social Media, And Web Service Accounts

Deleting or deactivating your accounts is the first step you can take to completely remove your online identity. To get rid of them, go to these websites’ Account Settings, and look for options to deactivate, remove, or close an account. Oftentimes, you find these options under Privacy & Security or something similar.

Delete Yourself from Data Collection Sites

The majority of IT Services that secure their clients from data breaches agree that third-party data gathering sites are the largest source of privacy infringement issues. You should emphasize your online demolition mission at this point.

Data brokers like Spokeo,, and PeopleFinder gather your personal data and sell it to other parties. So that they may saturate you with ads and sell stuff. You might now expressly visit these sites and request the removal of your name. But it can take forever to complete this process. You could also employ services to speed up this process.

Submit Google Listing Removal Requests

Simply go to the EU Privacy Removal page and fill in all the fields to have your personal information removed from these services. If you have discovered that your sensitive information, such as medical data or bank account information, is stored somewhere online, it may take some time, but it is definitely worthwhile.

Enable Do Not Track Apps & Programs

Numerous Anti-Virus Guards and Privacy Software are available that can stop web browsers and unaffiliated websites from tracking your internet behavior. By using these security technologies, you can prevent any online service or website from collecting or storing any of your personal information, hence eradicating Digital Footprints.

Unsubscribe Yourself From Mailing Lists

It goes without saying that you cannot recall every newsletter you have ever subscribed to. However, there is a more effective and simple approach to unsubscribing from all of them in one go. There are many tools available online that would help you to see the list of all your subscription emails.  You can use them and then easily unsubscribe from each service without any hassles.

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