YouTuber Tests The Durability Of Apple Watch Ultra With Hammer: Details Inside

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2022)

Key Highlights

  • YouTuber performs durability test on Apple Watch Ultra
  • The hammer test is performed by TechRax
  • Apple Watch Ultra is the most rugged watch

Since its release, the Apple Watch Ultra has generated significant buzz. Apple presented three new smartwatches at the launch event for the iPhone 14 series: the Apple Watch Series 8, the second-generation Apple Watch SE, which is reasonably priced, and the Apple Watch Ultra, which is the most durable Apple Watch ever. It is claimed that the Apple Watch Ultra is so durable that it can withstand the most demanding activities that athletes engage in, such as swimming, hiking, running, and everything else.

Now, a YouTuber has put the Apple smartwatch‘s durability to the test. Surprisingly, throughout the test, the Watch Ultra was able to withstand many blows from a hammer.

Apple Watch Ultra: Durability Test

YouTuber TechRax performed the test in three steps, starting with dropping the watch from a height of four meters. It didn’t leave any obvious dings or scratches on the sapphire crystal glass or the watch’s case.

He next attempted to boost the ante by shaking the Watch Ultra ferociously in a box of nails, but to no avail. The Apple Watch Ultra was unharmed in the process.

In the third and last test, TechRax repeatedly pounded the watch with a hammer. The Watch Ultra ultimately broke after several blows. However, before the smart wearable’s screen cracked, the table on which TechRax was conducting these testing collapsed.

Despite receiving repeated hits from a hammer, the Watch Ultra’s screen didn’t break; it just failed to turn on. It is therefore safe to assume that the hardware sustained some damage during the durability test. The Watch Ultra has proven to be the most durable Apple Watch to date by withstanding substantial damage before breaking.

Currently, the Apple Watch Ultra costs $799 in the US and Rs. 89,900 in India. It offers first-in-industry features like emergency Satellite SOS, EN13319 diving certification, and dive computer replacement. However, similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, the Apple Watch Ultra is now being offered in India at a so-called “premium” above MRP because there is a limited supply of stocks from Apple.

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