Best Mobile Phones under 500 in India

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Best Mobile Phones under 500 in India

Lava A1763
Karbonn KX2764
Intex Eco Selfie764
Detel D1 Guru779
Detel D1 Star786
Intex Eco Music802
Lava Hero 600803
Micromax X378815
Itel it2160834
Micromax X1i 2017842


Q. Which are the best phones under 500 in India?

As of June 2021, Best phones under 500 are: Lava A1, Karbonn KX2, Intex Eco Selfie.

Q. What are some of the alternative brands available under 500?

Best alternatives brands available under 500 in 2021 are: Karbonn Mobiles, Intex Mobiles, Lava Mobiles.

Q. Which are the latest phones under 500 in India?

Latest mobile phones under 500 are: Micromax X378, Lava Hero 600, Karbonn KX2.