Dyson HP07 Air Purifier

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Dyson HP07 Air Purifier
62%Spec Score
₹ 53,900


Hot + Cool

Coverage Area

600 sq.ft

Power Consumption

400 w


1 year

Dyson HP07 Air Purifier Expert Verdict

High-quality combination of technology and aesthetically appealing design.

When it comes to purifying your air, the HP07 smart air purifier is the best choice as it comes with an exclusive HEPA 13 filter that captures allergens, mould spores, pollen and other pollutants more than ever before. The Dyson HP07 only uses 0.3 watts in total to keep rooms clean and clear. Its built-in heater and intelligent infrared technology boost indoor temperature and ensure no dirty particles remain trapped inside the device.

Dyson HP07 Air Purifier is one of the popular Air Purifier in this price range.

Primary Features

Dyson HP07 Air Purifier has a coverage area of 600 sq.ft.

Power Features

Dyson HP07 Air Purifier consumes power of 400 w and has a warranty of 1 year. Generic power required is 230 V.

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Dyson Air Purifier

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Dyson HP07 Air Purifier Detailed Review


The Dyson HP07 Air Purifier features a unique design that allows it to capture up to 99.97% of particulate matter from the air, making it an ideal choice for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. It has an LCD screen that allows you to monitor the air quality in your home, as well as the Dyson Link app that lets you control the purifier from your smartphone.In addition, the Dyson HP07 Air Purifier is also very stylish and will add a touch of elegance to any room. It is available in three different colours – white, black, and silver. It weighs around 8.5 kg.


The device is compact and can be placed on a table or desk.


The Dyson HP07 air purifier is known for its powerful performance and advanced features. The Dyson HP07 is a true HEPA air purifier, that uses a two-stage filtration system to trap and remove allergens, bacteria, and viruses from the air. Additionally, the HP07 features patented Air Multiplier technology that creates a powerful airflow to circulate purified air throughout your home. The purifier also features 350° oscillation with a personalized angle feature, as well as 10-speed settings and a sleep timer. The HP07 is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, making it easy. Apart from its excellent particle removal capabilities, the Dyson HP07 also features an activated carbon filter that can remove harmful gases and odours from the air.


It has managed to effectively remove allergens and pathogens from the air.

High-quality combination of technology and aesthetically appealing design.

  • Carbon Filtration

    With the Dyson Air Purifier, you have 3 levels of carbon filtration to choose from depending on your need. If you have more odours, you should go for the HEPA filter which is excellent at capturing small particles and is extremely lightweight.

  • Air Multiplier technology

    The Air Multiplier technology is a fan that pulls in air from the room and then pushes it through a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles, including dust, pollen, and bacteria.

Dyson HP07 Air Purifier Specifications


TypeHot + Cool


3D Air CirculationYes
Automatic shut offYes
Coverage Area600 sq.ft
Silent ModeYes

Power Features

Power Consumption400 w
Power Required230 V


Warranty1 year


MaterialABS Plastic
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Dyson HP07 Air Purifier FAQs in India

Q. What is the price of Dyson HP07 Air Purifier in India?

The price of Dyson HP07 Air Purifier in India is: ₹ 53,900.

Q. What is the coverage area of Dyson HP07 Air Purifier?

The coverage area of Dyson HP07 Air Purifier is 600 sq.ft. Check more specification of Dyson HP07 Air Purifier on GizNext.

Q. What is the Power Consumption of Dyson HP07 Air Purifier?

Dyson HP07 Air Purifier consumes power of 400 w with 230 V.