Apple Scary Fast Event 2023: Schedule, Expected New Devices

apple event 2023
(Last Updated On: October 25, 2023)

Key Highlights

  • Apple Scary Fast event 2023 scheduled for next week
  • New MacBook models expected
  • Event to be live streamed

Apple is set to host another launch event soon. This time the Cupertino giant has announced a special launch event called Scary Fast which is scheduled for next week. Ahead of the launch, the rumor mill has started with the guessing game as to what all devices could be unwrapped. Let’s take a look to know the Apple Scary Fast 2023 event’s schedule and the expected launches:

Apple Scary Fast Event: Timeline, Where To Watch The Live Stream?

The Apple Scary Fast event 2023 will be hosted on October 30, 2023. Apple is routing for an online event this time and has revealed the live stream details. The upcoming special launch event for the new Apple products will be streamed live at Apple’s official social media handles including YouTube.

As for the timeline, the Apple Scary Fast 2023 event is set to begin at 5 PM PT. Indian users can head to or the Apple official YouTube channel at 4.30 PM (IST) to catch the event live. Just for reference, Apple has been hosting physical events for its premium product lineup but this one is online exclusive event for the global audiences.

Apple Scary Fast Event 2023: Expected New Apple Products

Apple Wonderlust Event

Apple hasn’t yet confirmed the upcoming product range which it plans to introduce at the Scary Fast 2023 event. However, rumors are rife that the company will now introduce the new-generation MacBook Pro laptop along with the latest M3 processor. Not much is revealed when it comes to the new MacBook Pro model’s hardware feature.

But besides the upgraded processor, the new Apple MacBook Pro laptop can also bring improvements in other segments too. Some reports also hint at the arrival of a new iMac version. We can’t yet verify the arrival of these new Apple machines and will possible have to wait till more information surfaces online.

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