Apple Vision Pro: 7 Must-Try Apps For Work, Entertainment & More

Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset
(Last Updated On: February 7, 2024)

The Apple Vision Pro, with its innovative blend of digital content and real-world interactions, has opened doors to exciting new experiences. But to truly unlock its potential, you need the right apps. We’ve compiled a list of seven essential apps that will showcase the true potential of your Vision Pro:

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1. Keynote


Take your presentations to the next level with Keynote. Imagine delivering your slides within a stunning, digital recreation of the Steve Jobs Theater. Customize your presentation, engage your audience, and leave a lasting impression.

2. JigSpace


Users can now interact with intricate 3D models and animations right in their living room. Explore historical landmarks, dissect complex molecules, or even witness the inner workings of an engine – all in the comfort of your home.

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3. Disney+

Disney+ Hotstar

Experience Disney+ in a whole new way with the Vision Pro’s immersive 3D capabilities. Become part of the story, explore vibrant landscapes, and rediscover the magic of Disney like never before.

4. Microsoft 365

Microsoft Windows

Stay productive and collaborate seamlessly with your team using Microsoft 365. Access familiar Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, optimized for the Vision Pro’s unique interface and features. Work side-by-side with colleagues in virtual spaces, share documents effortlessly, and boost your productivity.

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5. AmazeVR


Step into exclusive virtual concerts from your favorite artists and experience live performances with breathtaking intimacy. Feel the energy of the crowd, sing along, and create unforgettable memories – all from the comfort of your living room.

6. Zoom


Users can now effortlessly conduct video calls and virtual meetings using the advanced features of their Vision Pro headset. Enjoy crystal-clear audio and video, collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, and stay connected with loved ones, no matter where they are in the world.

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7. Apple Music

Apple Music

Enjoy stunning visuals and immersive audio as you listen to your favorite songs or explore new music videos. Let the music wash over you and discover new depths in your favorite tunes.

These are just a taste of the incredible experiences waiting for you in the world of Apple Vision Pro. So, put on your headset, explore these apps, and discover the magic of immersive computing!

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