Barbie Flip Phone: A Retro Revival In HMD’s Latest Rebranding Move: Details

HMD Barbie Flip Phone
(Last Updated On: February 27, 2024)

Key Highlights

  • HMD Global rebrands, launching own smartphones alongside Nokia
  • Collaborates with Mattel for Barbie flip phone, merging nostalgia and modern tech
  • Focus on repairability and sustainability, aiming for half of global smartphones to be repairable by 2024

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 event in Barcelona on Sunday (February 25), HMD Global, renowned for its Nokia-branded phones, unveiled its ambitious rebranding plans. The Finnish mobile manufacturer announced a strategic shift by introducing smartphones under its own name, HMD, alongside continuing its Nokia lineup. Here are all the details. Also Read | Top Mid-Range Smartphones in 2024: Honor X9b 5G vs Realme 12 Pro 5G

Expanding With Barbie Collaboration

HMD Barbie Flip Phone

In a surprising move, HMD Global revealed its collaboration with toy giant Mattel to launch a Barbie-branded flip phone, slated for release later this year. This partnership signifies a bold departure from traditional smartphone offerings, tapping into nostalgia and style with a retro-inspired feature phone. The company teased a pink color scheme for the device, hinting at a blend of modern technology and vintage aesthetics.

Revisiting Iconic Designs

Embracing its heritage, HMD Global teased the revival of an “iconic Nokia phone” design, stirring anticipation among fans. The announcement underscores the company’s commitment to blending innovation with timeless appeal, promising a lineup that caters to diverse consumer preferences.

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Commitment to Repairability and Sustainability

HMD Barbie Flip Phone

Beyond product launches, HMD Global is prioritizing repairability and sustainability in its endeavors. Following last year’s partnership with repair specialists iFixit for the Nokia G22, the company is doubling down on providing customers with repair-friendly options. With replaceable parts and toolkits included, HMD aims to empower users to address common issues like broken screens independently.

“We are very excited to announce the new HMD multi-brand strategy which opens infinite collaboration possibilities. Our global association with Mattel to launch a Barbie co-branded device is a prime example. HMD will have ‘easy repairability’ and ‘sustainability’ as part of its brand promise always. We are confident about a strong smart 5G portfolio for India and other markets which we will announce very soon,” said Ravi Kunwar, Vice President – India & APAC at HMD.


Looking ahead, HMD Global sets ambitious targets for repairability, envisioning that half of all smartphones sold globally in 2024 will be easily repairable. Moreover, the company is fostering collaboration by launching a toolkit for developers and businesses, facilitating open design files and software integration information. This initiative reflects HMD’s commitment to driving industry-wide change towards a more sustainable and user-centric approach to smartphone technology.

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