Google’s Auto Dark Mode Arrives For iOS Users: Here’s What You Need To Know

Google Dark Mode
(Last Updated On: June 5, 2024)

Key Highlights

  • Google brings Auto Dark Mode to iOS, automatically switching websites to dark mode
  • Users activate it by enabling dark mode on their device
  • Android users can expect this feature soon

Google is constantly striving to enhance user experience, and its latest offering for iPhone users is no exception – Auto Dark Mode. This new feature aims to seamlessly switch websites accessed through the Google app to dark mode automatically. Let’s delve into what this feature is all about and how it works. Also Read | Google Sheets Tips And Tricks: How To Add ChatGPT Extension To Google Sheets

Understanding Auto Dark Mode

Auto Dark Mode, as the name suggests, ensures that websites accessed via the Google app on iOS devices are displayed in dark mode, aligning with the app’s dark theme. This feature is part of Google’s Search Labs experiments and is currently exclusive to iOS users.

Activating Auto Dark Mode

To experience Auto Dark Mode, users need to enable dark mode on their iOS device. Once activated, all websites visited through the Google app will adopt the dark theme automatically. Users can toggle this feature on or off by tapping the breaker icon located in the top-left corner of the Google app interface.

Customizing Auto Dark Mode

For users who prefer not to use Auto Dark Mode for specific websites, Google provides an easy solution. By clicking on the new sun icon displayed in the address bar, users can revert to the original theme of the website, thus disabling Auto Dark Mode for that particular site.

Limitations and Expectations

Google Dark Mode

It’s important to note that Auto Dark Mode does not apply to websites that already offer a native dark theme. Additionally, Google advises users that the quality of the conversion to dark mode may vary. While currently available only on the iOS Google app for iPhones, this feature is expected to roll out to Android devices in the future.

Upcoming Google Updates

Apart from Auto Dark Mode, Google is also focusing on enhancing Google Lens’ capabilities for image searches. An upcoming update will allow users to provide additional context for image searches more efficiently. Instead of pressing the shutter button and then tapping the voice search icon, users can simply hold down the shutter button to record their voice and provide context simultaneously, streamlining the search process.

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Auto Dark Mode is a significant addition to Google’s efforts to improve user experience on iOS devices. By seamlessly integrating dark mode across websites accessed through the Google app, users can enjoy a consistent browsing experience. With further updates in the pipeline, such as improvements to Google Lens, Google continues to innovate and enhance its services for users worldwide.

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