Inbase Urban Fit S Smartwatch Review: An Overall Decent Package

urban fit s smartwatch review
(Last Updated On: August 22, 2022)

Smart wearables are driving the current generation. With all the advancements in the tech field, the brands are embedding the latest of technologies that are helping the modern masses not just keep a track of the time but also monitor their health on the go.  We have several players including smartphone OEMs that are flooding the markets with new smartwatches and fitness bands. Inbase Urban Fit S is one of the latest smartwatches which brings a familiar Apple Watch Band-like design but has a cheaper price tag and yet is loaded with features.

The Urban Fit S smartwatch can be on your buying list for its affordable price tag. It retails for around Rs. 4,999. With this price label, it goes up against the likes of the Realme Watch 2 Pro, Redmi Watch 2 Lite, and Noise ColorFit Ultra 2.

At a sub Rs. 5,000 price point, the Urban Fit S with multiple health features such as SpO2 monitor, steps tracker, heart rate monitor, and an Apple Band-like design, the Urban Fit S definitely sound a good deal. But is it so? Giznext has reviewed the Urban Fit S smartwatch and in this article, we are sharing our feedback on whether you should buy this smartwatch or should skip it.

Urban Fit S Smartwatch: Design And Display

As mentioned above, the Urban Fir S smartwatch is designed identical to the Apple Watch band. It flaunts a square dial and has silicon rubber straps. The Urban Fit S smartwatch features a digital crown that is apparently borrowed from the Apple Watch counterpart.

Inbase urban fit s smartwatch review

That’s not it, the straps of the Urban Fit S smartwatch are removable and the slider mechanism is identical to that of Apple’s. The design of this smartwatch is practical otherwise. You wouldn’t have any complaints about it. The only drawback with the design is it isn’t entirely sweat resistant. If you are doing some rigorous activities, you’ll feel your wrist getting all sweaty. If you can ignore this factor, the Urban Fit S has a good design that fits modern standards.

Now coming to the display, the Urban Fir S smartwatch is equipped with a 1.78-inch AMOLED display. Now, this screen size is a bit taller than what the competition offers. It is a color touchscreen panel that offers smooth feedback with scrolling through the menu and available features on the watch. The color produced by the Urban Fit S smartwatch’s display is good with deeper blacks. It’s the AMOLED panel that helps with the same.

Urban Fit S Smartwatch: How Do The Features Perform?

The Urban Fit S smartwatch is integrated with multiple health features. But what gives it an edge is the support for Bluetooth Calling. Now, this is one unique feature that you get on any smartwatch specifically the affordable ones. If we speak of the health features, the Urban Fit S smartwatch is capable of tracking steps, monitoring sleep, reading blood oxygen levels with the SpO2 monitor, and also measuring heart rate.

urban fit s smartwatch features

Additionally, the Urban Fit S smartwatch can also measure blood pressure and has a bunch of tools including the Calculator and Weather app. These health-oriented features are definitely helpful in our current fast-paced lifestyle where it’s hard to pay a visit to a doctor’s clinic frequently. The data collected is always not accurate. We have noticed some differences in the readings when measuring the data with actual medical equipment. Therefore, we would suggest you not rely entirely on the data that this watch shows.

Urban Fit S Smartwatch: Pairing And Calling Experience

You can easily pair the Urban Fit S smartwatch with any compatible Android or iOS smartphone. The pairing is done over Bluetooth with the supported devices. You can download the Da fit application from Google Play Store or Apple App store to sync the watch and read all the data on your smartphone itself. The pairing process has been swift and we could easily pair this smartwatch with our devices.

urban fit s smartwatch full review

The smartwatch also aids with Bluetooth calling. It has an integrated speaker and a microphone to help with communication. You also get to play music on this watch when paired with your smartphone. The audio quality has been decent and you can easily speak with the caller without any distortion or noise in the audio. But you might have to keep the watch close to your face while speaking so that the caller can listen to your voice clearly.

Urban Fit S Smartwatch: Battery Backup

The Urban Fit S smartwatch is packed with a 250 mAh battery unit. According to the company, this smartwatch can deliver a total backup of around 10 days with normal usage. The backup will drop to five days if you use the calling feature frequently.

urban fit s smartwatch

Now, we found the claims to be correct during our usage. The Urban Fit S smartwatch was able to deliver over a week of backup with a single charge. Inbase has also enabled the Fit S smartwatch with fast charging technology so that you can quickly refuel the batteries.

Urban Fit S Smartwatch: Final Verdict

The Urban Fit S smartwatch is a fully-loaded package under Rs. 5,000 price bracket in India. It offers all the health-oriented features which any modern millennium would need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can go for this smartwatch if you want a mix of good looks and features that too on a budget price point.

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