iPhone Users Beware: New Transnational Scam Alert Issued By Government

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2024)

Key Highlights

  • Cybercriminals are targeting smartphone users
  • Do not click on links in messages from unknown senders
  • Report any suspicious messages to the authorities

In today’s age of machine learning and artificial intelligence, con artists have found new ways to exploit technology to deceive unsuspecting victims. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting smartphone users, especially iPhone users, through sophisticated scams. The Indian government’s cyber agency, Cyberdost, has recently issued a warning about a new fraud scheme specifically aimed at iPhone users.

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The iMessage Scam


Cyberdost has identified a scam where iPhone users receive messages via iMessage, claiming there is an issue with a package delivery due to an incorrect address. The fraudulent message urges receivers to respond within 24 hours so as to avoid the parcel being returned. This also includes a web link. The scam is designed to create a sense of urgency, prompting users to click on the link without thinking.

Cyberdost’s Warning

Cyberdost’s tweet highlights the transnational nature of this scam, alerting iPhone users to be cautious. The tweet states: “New Transnational #Scam Alert: #iPhone users are learnt to be receiving scam messages via #iMessage regarding package / courier from random accounts. Clicking on suspicious links may be avoided and read receipts may be disabled for such messages.”

How The Scam Works

The message typically comes from random accounts and informs the recipient about a supposed delivery issue. The aim is to trick users into clicking on the provided link, which can lead to phishing websites designed to steal personal information or install malware on the device.

Protect Yourself: Essential Tips

To avoid falling victim to this scam, follow these important tips:

  • Do Not Click on Suspicious Links: If you receive a message from an unknown sender with a link, do not click on it. Instead, verify the legitimacy of the message through other means.
  • Disable Read Receipts: For messages from unknown senders, disable read receipts to prevent scammers from knowing if you have read their message.
  • Ignore Urgent Requests: Legitimate companies will not pressure you to respond urgently or threaten to return a package. Be wary of messages that create a sense of urgency.
  • Protect Your Personal Information: Never share your bank account information, passwords, or send money to unknown individuals.

Reporting Scams


If you receive such messages, report them to the appropriate authorities. By reporting these scams, you can help prevent others from falling victim. Additionally, ensure your iPhone’s security settings are up to date and be cautious of unsolicited messages.

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As cybercriminals become more adept at using technology for fraudulent purposes, it is crucial to stay informed and vigilant. By following these safety tips and being aware of common scam tactics, iPhone users can better protect themselves from becoming victims. Remember, always verify the source of a message before taking any action, and never share your personal information with unknown parties.

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