Planning A Long Drive With Your EV? Here Are Five Questions Every EV Owner Should Consider

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(Last Updated On: December 1, 2023)

Key Highlights

  • Understand your EV’s range and plan accordingly
  • Research the availability of charging stations along your route
  • Plan for weather-related challenges

As electric vehicles gain popularity in India, more and more drivers are considering long drives in their electric cars. While the idea of a road trip with an EV is exciting, it requires careful planning to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Whether you are a seasoned EV owner or a first-timer, asking the right questions before embarking on a long drive can make a significant difference. Here are some key considerations for Indian EV owners planning a long road trip. Also Read | Are You EV-Ready? Top Apps Every Electric Car Owner Should Have

How far can my EV go on a single charge?

EV Charging Apps
Electric Vehicle ModelApproximate Range on Full Charge
Tata Nexon EV300 kilometers
MG ZS EV340 kilometers
Hyundai Kona Electric450 kilometers
Mahindra eVerito140 kilometers
Audi e-tron400 kilometers (varies by model)

The range of an electric vehicle varies depending on the model. For example, a popular model like the Tata Nexon EV has an approximate range of 300 kilometers on a full charge. It’s essential to check your vehicle’s specifications for accurate information.

Are there enough charging stations along my planned route?

Before embarking on your journey, use online tools and apps like PlugShare or the OEM-specific app to locate charging stations along your route. In India, major highways and cities are increasingly equipped with charging infrastructure but planning ensures a more seamless experience.

How long does it take to charge my EV at different types of charging stations?

EV Charging
Charging Station TypeCharging Time for 80% Charge (Approx.)
Fast Charger30-60 minutes
Standard ChargerSeveral hours
Home Charger (AC)Overnight (varies based on charger)

Charging times vary based on the type of station. Fast chargers can charge your EV significantly quicker than standard chargers. As a general guideline, fast chargers may take around 30-60 minutes for an 80% charge, while standard chargers could take several hours.

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How do extreme weather conditions impact my EV’s range?

Weather ConditionsImpact on EV Range
High TemperaturesFaster battery degradation, reduced range
Cold TemperaturesTemporary range reduction, especially in extreme cold

Weather conditions can affect an EV’s performance. In extreme temperatures, especially high heat, the battery may experience faster degradation. Conversely, in cold weather, the range might be temporarily reduced. It’s crucial to be aware of these impacts and plan accordingly.

What’s my plan if a charging station is occupied or out of service?

EV Charging

Always have a backup plan. Identify alternative charging stations along your route and be prepared to adjust your schedule if needed. Carry a portable charging cable as a backup, and stay updated with real-time information through charging network apps or websites to avoid inconveniences.


Embarking on a long drive with your electric vehicle in India can be a thrilling experience, provided you plan and address potential challenges. By considering these key questions, Indian EV owners can ensure a smooth and enjoyable road trip while contributing to a more sustainable mode of transportation. Happy driving, and here’s to many more eco-friendly journeys!

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