Samsung Introduces New BioActive Sensor For Upcoming Galaxy Watch 7: Functionality Explained

galaxy watch bioactive sensor
(Last Updated On: July 10, 2024)

Key Highlights

  • New Samsung BioActive sensor introduced
  • To be equipped in upcoming Galaxy Watch 7
  • Will offer improved preventive wellness

Samsung is all set to host its grand annual event, the Galaxy Unpacked 2024. The event is scheduled for July 10, i.e., today where we are expecting the South Korean tech giant to unveil a whole range of new tech products. Amongst the top anticipated product lineups is the Galaxy foldable phones including the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and the Galaxy Z Flip 6. Additionally, Samsung is also setting up the stage for digital accessories and smart wearable such as the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Buds 3, and the Galaxy Watch 7. Right ahead of today’s Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung has introduced a new BioActive sensor for the Watch 7. What is this new tech and how will it enhance the user experience with the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7? Find out the details below:

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 New BioActive Sensor: Functionalities

Samsung via an official blogpost has revealed the latest BioActive sensor for the upcoming Galaxy Watch. While the company hasn’t shared the model name which will get the BioActive sensor, it is expected to be none other than the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 model.

Samsung detailing the functionalities of the new BioActive sensor has revealed that users will now get more accurate and detailed insights on the health metrics on the Watch 7. This new sensor will provide better health insight which eventually will help the users to keep a track of their health on-the-go. Also, the new sensor will allow users to personalize the data as per convenience.

Samsung further emphasizes that the new Galaxy Watch’s BioActive sensor will be enabling advanced predictive and preventive wellness feature for the first time on any wearable device besides offering accurate health stats.

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How Will It Work?

galaxy watch bioactive sensor

Samsung has incorporated several enhancements with the BioActive Sensor for the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7. The brand has focused on three primary upgrades to sensor which include the enhanced light-receiving photodiode’s performance, new LED colors, and their optimal arrangement across the sensor. The latest LED additions include blue, yellow, violet, and ultraviolet, whereas, the green, red, and infrared LEDs are increased.

The strategic placement of the green, red, and infrared LEDs will be setting up new standard with improving the accuracy while measuring health metrics. This new sensor on the Galaxy Watch 7 is claimed to offer over 30 percent more accuracy with health monitoring as compared to the previous-gen model, i.e the Galaxy Watch 6.

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