Xiaomi SU7 EV And SU7 Max EV Stun In Covert Road Trials: Picture Perfect Reveals

Xiaomi SU7 EV Images
(Last Updated On: November 28, 2023)

Key Highlights

  • Xiaomi is venturing into electric vehicles with three different models
  • Images reveal a sneak peek into the interior of Xiaomi’s upcoming EVs
  • SU7 EVs are expected to debut at a price of RMB 300,000 (approx. Rs. 35,00,000)

Xiaomi is gearing up to make a significant entry into the electric vehicle (EV) market. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in China has recently unveiled images of the upcoming Xiaomi Smart Speed Ultra 7 (SU7 EV), hinting at the company’s foray into the EV sector. Also Read | Winter Care Tips For Electric Vehicles: How To Keep Your EV Healthy In Cold Weather

Variants Unveiled

MIIT’s certification has shed light on Xiaomi’s plans to introduce not just one, but three variations of its electric vehicles. The trio includes the SU7 EV, SU7 Pro EV, and SU7 Max EV.

On-Road Testing: Spy Photos Revealed

Xiaomi SU7 EV Spotted

Weibo users have shared intriguing spy photos of Xiaomi’s upcoming electric vehicles, providing a sneak peek at what lies beneath the disguise. These images not only showcase the exterior but also offer a glimpse into the interior of Xiaomi’s upcoming EVs.

SU7 EV: A Luxury Sedan Competing With The Giants

  • Xiaomi SU7 EV on roads
  • Xiaomi SU7 EV on roads
  • Xiaomi SU7 EV
  • Xiaomi SU7 EV And SU7 Max EV
  • The camouflaged SU7 EV, in line with MIIT’s designs, resembles a C-class luxury sedan.
  • Xiaomi is set to compete with industry leaders such as Tesla, NIO, and Geely with the SU7 EV.
  • Contrary to earlier rumors, the images confirm the placement of a LiDAR sensor on the roof, not behind the windscreen.
  • An active wing, designed for optimal air redirection, enhances acceleration speed.
  • Xiaomi’s focus on aerodynamics is evident with flush door handles and thin headlights, coupled with a sloped bonnet for added elegance.
  • Wider wheel arches and a distinctive five-spoke alloy wheel with yellow brake calipers contribute to the SU7 EV’s unique design.
  • Unlike the trend of virtual exterior mirrors, Xiaomi opts for small side-view mirrors.
  • Interior details include a three-spoke steering wheel, multiple switches, a drive mode selector, and a prominent Xiaomi inscription button.
  • The infotainment screen promises to be sizable, comparable to those found in Tesla’s EVs.

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SU7 Max EV: A High-Performance Marvel

  • Xiaomi SU7 EV Interior
  • Xiaomi SU7 EV Interior
  • A leaked image on Weibo reveals a Face-ID sensor on the B-pillar, suggesting a premium touch for the SU7 Max EV.
  • The rear of the vehicle sports an active spoiler, signaling Xiaomi’s intent to position it as a high-performance option.
  • Brembo brake calipers, commonly associated with upscale electric vehicles, add to the premium features of the SU7 Max EV.

Xiaomi’s Ambitious Investment

In 2021, Xiaomi announced a substantial USD 10 billion investment in its electric car segment. Speculations suggested the debut of the first prototype in August 2024, and MIIT’s recent certification and spy images seem to align with these plans.

In conclusion, Xiaomi’s entry into the electric vehicle market appears poised to make waves, with a diverse lineup catering to different segments and a focus on innovation and performance.

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