Xp&dland: A Web 3.0 Metaverse Platform Redefining Virtual Reality In India

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(Last Updated On: May 16, 2022)

Social media platforms are the modern-day solution for communication and beyond. Facebook has been one of the giants in the social media space which recently opted for a new moniker Meta. Soon after this announcement, Meta also announced its plans to venture into the Metaverse. A futuristic approach to how we use the internet and explore the uncharted reigns of the virtual world (3D). Not just Meta, numerous other technology brands are gradually making a shift to the Metaverse. To help such industries and brands with an easy transition to the Metaverse a new platform has been introduced in India called xp&dland. It’s a new age platform that aims to popularise the Metaverse concept.

What’s xp&dland?

xp&dland is the new-age platform designed by XP&D, Zoo Media & Noesis. Tech to help the brands that are trying to get onboard with Metaverse. But before we proceed, we would like to add a brief overview of Metaverse. It will help you better understand how Xp&dland will play a vital role in shaping up the Metaverse universe in India.

Metaverse has been a concept for a long. In simple words, it is a tech-advanced digital space or a virtual world that combines a network of 3D virtual platforms. Once you are in the metaverse, you would be virtually present in that particular space. Be it a marketplace or any other social media portal. You will mark your presence virtually using dedicated gears such as VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) headsets.

How Will Xp&dland Shape Up Metaverse Universe In India?

Now coming back to Xp&dland, how this new platform will help Metaverse culture grow in the Indian market and what all industries will make the most of it? It is designed primarily for the tech brands to develop the Metaverse universe and bring new experiences for the audience in the vast virtual world. It is based on the web 3.0 platform and uses spatial.io (AR collaboration workspace).

With this new technology, the brand aims to redefine the virtual space where users will get a real life experience despite accessing the AR world. The company will be building new experiences wherein consumers will get the opportunity to interact with the brands and even visit the virtual spaces built for them.

This is definitely will redefine the way we access social media platforms.  Also, the interaction between any brand and a user will be improved exponentially. But the major industries that will get most of the benefits with the xp&dland and similar Metaverse platforms will be gaming and social media.

Our User Experience With Xp&land

We got a chance to experience the newly developed web 3.0-based Metaverse platform xp&land. Using a VR headset we ventured into the Gujrat Titans community portal created by xp&land. It has been one of the best virtual world experiences that we have had until now.

Unlike general VR videos, you get to stroll around the entire space created as a part of the virtual world. The stadium and locker room were some of the highlights. You can walk around the arcade, zoom out on objects, and even speak to other users present in the same virtual space. The overall experience is real life and we wonder what advancements we get to see in the coming days.

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