LG Has Officially Quit Making Phones

Many were surprised when LG officially announced that they will not be manufacturing any cellphones in the future. LG bid farewell to smartphones this year. However, the rumours have been going around for several weeks. The company has taken the strategic decision to officially shut down its entire apparatus of mobile units. 

Since LG will not be manufacturing phones anymore, they are determined to channelize they’re resources to more dynamic sectors like Electric Vehicles and Smart Homes. It seems that LG might be successful in topping these sectors since they have displayed their technological creativity many times in the past

But don’t be disheartened if you already own an LG phone or are inclined towards buying LG V60 or LG Velvet because it will still be tended to by the company. Both the products will stay in the inventory and are pegged to be in the stores and on online platforms. Furthermore, the pertinent service support and requisite updates will stay intact for all the existing LG users. So, decidedly there will not be any new instalment to the LG series.

The company expects to accomplish the winding-up process by the end of July 31, but customers can buy the product even after that stipulated date. The tech giant from South Korea finally came this decision after registering consecutive losses over the years, despite being the trailblazer in the incredibly competitive Android world.

Way forward for LG

Robotics is one prevalent avenue that the company might tap into in the future and mark its indelible presence in tandem with artificial intelligence. After being acknowledged worldwide as one of the colossal brands in the android arena and even being listed in the top three smartphone companies in the year 2013, the feats have somehow faded by the cutthroat competition from the ever-expanding market and relentless tech companies.

The popularity was to most extent devoured by the advent of formidable Chinese ventures like Xiaomi and Oppo with their aesthetic rendering to the customers and continues to do so across the international borders. According to the statistics relayed by Counterpoint Research last year, unobtrusive LG failed to even enlist itself in the top seven companies worldwide, despite being the third most predominant vendor of smartphones in the countries like the USA, just striding behind tech giants like Apple and Samsung (According to Canalys).

What others think?

“LG left a small vacuum of the market share of approximately 2% globally’’, asserted Neil Shah (Vice president of widely acknowledged research firm Counterpoint Research). Now, this void will eventually be successfully filled by a trailblazer like Samsung and other small players especially in countries like South Korea and the United States of America.

People on social media met LG’s decision with great nostalgia. Many users showed their appreciation for the brand by posting the picture of their very first LG phone.

LG introduced a one of its kind, curved smartphone in 2013. It became one of the first company to have introduced this  futuristic technology in the smartphone market. Additionally, LG brought its last renditiong to light a few months ago. They unveiled a phone that could be easily rolled up to be morphed into a tablet.

LG has always been in the limelight for its unconventional and innovative renditions of smartphones. However, LG often did not receive an overwhelming response for these features.

LG brought forward many technologies during the last two decades. Many of the current products will undeniably retain and build on them.

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