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Over the past few years, the advancement in technology has brought us lots of things to make our life better and easier. Whereas Computer advancement plays a very significant role in our lives.

However, this revolution also has been changed as brought us Laptop and Mini laptop. There are lots of companies in the race of engaging users and provide more and more features than others.

One of the most famous and user’s first choice companies, Dell, again launched a new gaming laptop, Alienware version m15. The interesting fact about M15 is that it will be supported by Ryzen 5000 AMD, besides the g15 Ryzen’s Edition notebook. Also, there are some interesting monitors to boot the system.

Alienware m15 Edition R5 is the first portable Alienware since 2007 to use the AMD processor. Previously, there were some rumors that to update the Dell system; they would break the partnership with Intel to collaborate with m15.

Specification of Alienware m15

Dell already announced a new Alienware m15 model; however, they have not revealed the exact configuration yet.

The Alienware will come up with either AMD Ryzen 7 5800H or AMD Ryzen 9 6900 HX processor. Moreover, it will have RTX 3070 or RTX 3060 laptop GPUs of Nvidia’s.

This is a gaming laptop, so of course, it will have 32GB of DDR4 RAM with 3200 MHz. The storage is also expendable if you want, which is vital for future-proofing and an extra bit useful. The default storage will be up to 2TB PCIe with SSD. But, with the memory up-gradation, you can also take up to 4TB SSD.

If we talk about screen and display, it will have 15 inches screen size with a 240 Hz or 360 Hz panel, equivalent to 1440px resolution and Full HD resolution, respectively. Both these displays are supported by G-Sync by Nvidia with a response time of 1ms. For a less costly model, it will have a 3ms response time and 165 Hz screen and have no G-Sync.

I like the way Dell fashioned the keyboard of edition R5 with ultra-low mechanical and in conjunction with the keyboard special Cherry MX. To match a gaming laptop’s vibe and attract gamers, all the keys on the keyboard will have RGB lighting.

On the 20th April 2021, the sale will be held in the USA on the Alienware m15. With the basic functionalities and configuration, it will cost around 1794$ USD, which is equivalent to 2350$ AU and 1300£.

Moreover, the same product, G15 Ryzen Edition, by Dell also will be launched in the US market on 4th May. The best part about it is that it will have the key called the “Game Shift ” key, which helps gamers cool their system whenever they run high CPU or GPU games. The cost is less compared to Alienware m15. The pricing is expected to start from 900 $ USD.

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