Sаmsung Gаlаxy Tаb А7 suрроrt раge live, 3GB RАM Exрeсted


Tablets are gradually becoming quite popular in the gadget market due to their massive screen size and range of unique features. Graphic designers and doodle makers prefer working on tablets rather than any other device to create masterpieces. Smartphone brands are continuously developing such devices that can be a budget-friendly option for the mid-range segment of the population. One such brand is Samsung which offers a number of tablet options to the customers catering to the needs of high range as well as the medium-range segment.

The company came up with a new tablet last year, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, which offers the user a host of features like premium design, good battery backup, and an impressive display. The user’s everyday needs are fulfilled with the basic set of specifications it provides, that too, on a budget.

Recently, the support page of Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has gone live on its website to benefit the European market. The SM-T225 model is offered to Samsung’s regional websites of Germany, Belgium, Spain, Russia, and Denmark. However, the features and specifications have not yet been disclosed on the websites. 

It is being speculated that the company will launch the Lite version of the Samsung Galaxy A7 Tab this year. Although the announcement is not yet official, it will presumably be made anytime soon. As users have come across the features in this tablet, it is not hard to guess what the Lite version will hold for all of us.

A number of mobile authentication platforms like Bluetooth SIG and FCC have certified the new Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite Tab. When it was showcased on Geekbench, some features were also revealed. Details regarding the RAM, processor, and benchmark ranking were discussed.

The MediaTek Helio P22T chipset, the power-packed processor that gives outstanding connectivity performance, will give life to the tablet. The octa-core processor will be backed by 3 gigabytes of RAM. Even though the storage capacity has not yet been defined, users can expect two storage variants, 32 gigabytes and 64 gigabytes. These variants will differ from each other for a few thousand bucks in the price range.

According to the database of Geekbench, the Tab will operate on Android 11. The benchmark scores showed a ranking of 840 in single-core and 3348 in its multi-core tests. The screen size that has been revealed shows an LCD panel with an 8.4-inch display. No information is available for the specifications of the camera.


Several other features have been disclosed, among which an important part is the battery performance of the tablet. It is shared that a battery of 5,100 mAh will power the Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite Tab and can be charged using the Type C USB port. It will work on fast charging technology of 15W. Uncertainty regarding the release date of the Tab is still revolving around, but most probably, the product will be made available in the market by June this year. The support page that is now official is likely to hint to the consumers and gadget enthusiasts that the launch will be preponed.

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