Samsung Might Have Officially Discontinued Flagship Galaxy Note Series; What Is The Reason?


Samsung is one of the noted names in the flagship smartphone segment. The Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S series are what cater to the premium audience across the globe. While the company has launched the newer version of the Galaxy S lineup, no new Galaxy Note series has been introduced for a while. However, rumors are rife this flagship series is being discontinued. But what led Samsung to take this major step? Read on to know:

Is Flagship Samsung Galaxy Note Series Officially Dead?

ET News which is one of the popular South Korean publications has shared a report citing the discontinuation of the premium Samsung Galaxy Note series. The report suggests no more Galaxy Note handsets will see the light of the day this year or the next. It already has been over a year since Samsung launched any Galaxy Note series.

And no new development has surfaced hinting at the successor of the Galaxy Note 20 series. The online reports suggest the company would rather bring the Galaxy S22 series along with the successors of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in the future (next year likely). Going by the reports and all the latest developments, it seems that the Galaxy Note lineup is indeed officially dead.

Additionally, the report also reveals that the company will be pulling the plugs off from the Galaxy Note 20 lineup. As mentioned above, this was the last model announced in the flagship Note lineup whose production would see the last run by the end of 2021. To recap, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the only other variant besides the standard Note 20.

Why Is Samsung Discontinuing Galaxy Note Lineup?

Samsung has not officially released any statement that confirms why the Galaxy Note series is being discontinued. However, the rumor mill suggests that the declining popularity of this series is one of the prime factors. If we go by the stats, then Samsung was able to sell over 3.2 million units of both Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Despite the large sales number, users are apparently considering other big-screen phones over the phablets (the concept that helped the Galaxy Note series gain all the fame).

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