The new iPad Pro 2021 Launched, preordering starts from 30th April


Apple’s new launches are always exciting for its customers. It brings something unexpected to the table each time, and no other company can match up to the excelling quality and specifications on their device. This year, Apple brings its users an upgraded version of the Ipad, the Ipad Pro 2021, which is the show-stealer of the company’s Spring Loaded event.

The models released in 2020 are similar to the new model, but there are upgrades to specifications and features. The screen sizes being offered are a massive 12.9 inches and 11 inches that are power-packed with Apple’s flagship chipset, M1. The company claims that the new models will work better and at a fifty percent quicker rate than the old model versions.

Features under the device’s hood include 5G connectivity, standard Liquid Retina Display in XDR for 11-inch version and XDR iMac quality version in the 12-inch version, USB 4 port, Thunderbolt interface, WiFi 6, and storage space of up to 2 terabytes (TB). The Ipad features a 12MP camera offering a 120-degree ultra-wide-angle selfie front camera with a Face ID sensor.

The models can configure 16GB RAM, support the Smart Keyboard Folio, USB C charger, Apple Pencil, and Magic Keyboard.

There are various pricing options available for customers depending on the storage space; other features remain the same. For the 11-inch Ipad Pro 2021, Indian users will be expected to pay Rs. 71,900, which will feature a storage space of 128GB, the lowest ranging variant. The 512GB storage variant and the 256 GB storage variant will cost Rs. 98,900 and Rs. 80,900 respectively. A 1TB internal storage space is priced at 1,34,900, and the highest priced variant costs the user Rs. 1,70,900 for 2TB storage.

Coming to the 12.9-inch variant, the prices shoot up a little higher. For the 128GB base storage variant, a price tag of Rs. 99,000 is labelled on the package. The 512GB is priced at Rs. 1,26,900 and the 256GB version is tagged with Rs. 1,08,900 label. For the 1TB variant, the price is set to Rs. 1,62,900. The variant that is priced the highest among the other variants for both model sizes comes with a price tag of Rs. 1,98,900 for 2TB storage space.

Users excited for the purchase can begin pre-ordering their Ipad Pro 2021 from 30th April. The device will be sold in the market starting from mid-May. There are two colour options for users to choose from, Silver and Space Grey.

Regarding the details of its features, both models of the Ipad Pro 2021 will have the Apple M1 chipset, and with 2TB storage, one can easily store up to sixty thousand ProRAW captures. A next-gen Apple neural engine with 16-core, 1,500 times quicker graphics execution, advanced photo signal processing are a few of the core specifications that Apple offers this year. The battery for these Ipads will function for nine hours in Cellular + WiFi models and 10 hours for the standard WiFi models.

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