Top 10 features of MIUI 12


Xiaomi is the number one manufacturer of mobile phones and over 400 million users across the globe. This new MIUI 12 update has brought some cool changes and made the phone user-friendly with smooth performance. Here are some of the top features you can see in MIUI 12 :

1. All new camera UI

The camera application has been changed to a new UI. It looks much bolder and cleaner than before. Camera modes are accessible through the main screen and swipe options. Changing the aspect ratio has now become easier in MIUI 12 update. The ratio can be changed with a slider available in the setting menu accessible through the top bar. The new camera is more intuitive than before. We are hoping to see more new features in the near future.

2. Gorgeous Wallpapers

Xiaomi is playing out of the world in all-new baked wallpapers in every New UI. This UI 12 also has a series of new wallpapers in the wallpaper section, accessible in settings. The new wallpapers available can be chosen between the planet Mars or Planet earth.

3. App Drawer

Now the all-new app drawer has a feature to identify the applications such as ‘Communication’ and ‘ Social’ and can place them in drawers. This implementation is quite similar to the Poco launcher but is neatly stacked and features vertical- scrolling layout.

4. All new Visuals and Animations

The all-new MIUI 12 brings navigation of apps in the animation panel, which is more fast and responsive. It is extremely fluid and much smoother. Xiaomi has really worked on enhancing the quality for the smoother performance of Visuals. You will feel more smoothness than the 90Hz of Mi 10 in MIUI 12.

 5. Dark Mode

This feature is the feature most people were waiting for, and now in MIUI 12, it is available. Third-party apps also support dark mode in this update as MIUI 11 only brought dark mode for the system apps. So if you are fond of using your phone at night time, you can enable dark mode to save your eyes from the brightness of light mode.

6. Ultra battery Saver mode

MIUI 12 offers ultra battery saver mode, and the company claims it too. This mode will provide five additional hours to your phone by allowing you to use only fewer apps. This feature was first seen in Samsung phones but now comes in MIUI 12 update. There can be up to 6 applications that you can choose to keep in ultra-saving mode along with Phone, Contacts, and Messages.

7. Floating Windows 

This new feature helps you do your work and perform tasks while using the apps in floating mode. It works similar to multitasking windows as the app can be moved around on any part of the screen and can be worked along with another window.

8. New Control Centre

While pulling down the control center, you can see a translucent look in the entire display of MIUI 12. It may give you an iOS feel using it as the quick setting panel has been removed from the notification panel and is no longer accessible from the top of the screen.  

9. Delete Screenshots after sharing

Imagine having more than thousands of screenshots in the gallery, which increases the load on system ram? But now no more. In MIUI 12, you can now delete the screenshot after sharing it to a particular person or on social media from the options present (delete after sharing) after you feel it is of no use. 

10. Universal cast

The casting of the screen in MIUI 12 has got some cool upgrades. The first feature in this is Private casting can hide all the incoming notifications and calls from showing on the big screen you cast the mobile screen. In addition to this, one more feature is added, which is to minimize the window, which lets you minimize the screen that you are casting and use the phone for some important work.

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